When Do I Need Dentures?

If you are missing one or more teeth, dentures may be an option for you to restore your smile. Not only do they replace missing teeth, but they also provide a limited amount of support for your lips and cheeks in the area of the missing tooth. While dentures of years gone by were fairly noticeable as replacement teeth, this is just simply not the case anymore. Modern dentures are natural looking and comfortable. You will find your self-confidence significantly improved once your smile has been restored.

Options for Dentures?

Dentures are commonly offered in two different options:

  • Partial dentures – This solution is ideal for patients who are only missing a few teeth. Partial dentures are specifically manufactured to replace the exact teeth that you are missing. The “partial” is attached to a plastic base which fits comfortably into the mouth of the patient. Some patients will have their partial dentures cemented permanently into their mouths using existing teeth as anchor points. The partials that are replacing upper teeth will have a flesh-colored base that will cover the roof of the patient’s mouth. Those patients replacing lower teeth will have a “partial” with a horse-shoe shaped base to make room for the patient’s tongue.
  • Complete Dentures – For patients who have lost all of their natural teeth, complete dentures are a good solution. It doesn’t matter if your teeth have been lost because of an accident, decay, or extraction. Complete dentures are custom-fabricated to fit each patient precisely and comfortably. The final result is a beautiful, natural-looking smile. Complete dentures are removable and may need occasional adjustments by the dentist. 

How Long Do Dentures Last?

Dentures will usually need to be replaced in approximately 15 years because of normal usage and the possibility of misalignment. Over time, a patient’s bone structure in the jaw will tend to dissolve wherever there have been missing teeth. This dissolving bone structure will tend to cause alignment problems at some point. The dentist will need to address the alignment issues and may need to adjust the patient’s dentures accordingly.

Dr. Fisher can provide a consultation for you and help you determine if dentures are the best option for you to replace missing teeth. He also possesses the skill and experience to provide follow up care for your dentures.