Oral Surgery

We Are Prepared When Surgery is Necessary

Oral surgery requires the ability to adapt to each situation. Every oral surgery is different. Oral surgery becomes necessary when a wisdom tooth does not have sufficient space to emerge properly. This can cause the tooth to be trapped or impacted. Wisdom teeth that have become trapped or impacted can cause considerable pain, swelling of the gums, bleeding of the gums, infection, bad breath, and possibly headaches. Untreated impacted wisdom teeth can even cause damage to teeth that are nearby. Even if your impacted wisdom tooth is not providing you with discomfort or pain, it can still be very difficult to provide proper oral hygiene for it.

Dr. Fisher is highly trained and skilled in the field of oral surgery. He has the ability to deal with challenging situations involving impacted or trapped wisdom teeth. He can perform the surgery with minimal discomfort for you.

Dr. Fisher is prepared to provide you with oral surgery in a variety of necessary situations. These situations can include impacted wisdom teeth, tooth extraction, facial trauma repair, jaw alignment issues, TMJ treatment, and more.

Before the surgery is conducted, Dr. Fisher will hold a consultation with you so that you can be thoroughly aware of all that will happen. You will be given every opportunity to ask questions.

Dr. Fisher and his team are committed to making your feel comfortable and confident with the plan that is developed and recommended. Your comfort during surgery will be a top priority.

Call the office of Fisher Dentistry and set up a consultation for more information.