Why are Braces Necessary?

The American Association of Orthodontists have stated that up to 75% of Americans are faced with some type of “malocclusion.” This technical term simply refers to “irregular contact of opposing teeth in the upper and lower jaws.” Put simply, these Americans face crooked or misaligned teeth.

What Benefits do Braces Provide?

Your orthodontist has tools and training to deal with the crooked and misaligned teeth that you may be facing. Relief can be provided with the following benefits:

  • A more beautiful smile
  • More thoroughly chewed food
  • Protected teeth (a crooked tooth is far more likely to crack)
  • Protection for the integrity of your jawbone
  • Improved oral hygiene

What Options Are There?

For decades, orthodontists have used a simple and effective tool known as braces. Advances in dental technology have widened the options available in the field of braces:

  • Traditional wire braces are still the most common. When skillfully employed, they effectively bring crooked teeth into good alignment.
  • Ceramic braces have been gaining in popularity. They function exactly like metal braces, but without the use of metal. They have become popular because they can be fabricated in a color that matches the color of your teeth. They provide the practical function of straightening teeth without being as noticeably visible as metal braces.

Dr. Fisher and his staff are committed to giving you a beautiful smile. They will help you determine which options are most suitable for your situation and your budget.